Every business has different needs - unique processes, styles and goals.

We'll help you build the right application for your organization using solid, modern technologies.

Custom Applications

Custom software can boost your organizations exposure, efficiency and growth.  From transforming a 3rd party service into an in house application to building your vision from the ground up.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Database driven web applications

  • Workflow and process management

  • Database design and reporting

  • Desktop applications

  • iPhone and Android development


Using our custom, in-house, analytics platform, you can see your data in new ways. Visualize data from any data set within your company or your services, all in one convenient and easy to use dashboard.

Visit manifestinsights.com for a demonstration

Web Design & Optimization

A website is both a work of art and a crucial part of any organization.  Our job is to find an attractive and innovative way to meet the goals that you have for your website.  Our design team will work with you to identify the purpose of your website, and the crucial elements for its success.  Whether your website needs a face-lift, better search engine rankings, or additional features, we have the talent, experience and technology to make it happen.

Our search engine marketing services are personal and custom-tailored to the needs of your website